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404 Page

07th July
404 Page

The HTTP 404 not found is an error page shown when the target page is not retrieved by the server. 404 is pronounced as ‘four oh four’. This can also be called as HTTP response code in network communications. 404 error page is displayed when the user cannot reach their destination page due to broken network, moved/deleted page or dead link. Technically, when the server cannot respond to the client’s request then the server will generate 404 page. The solution for moved page error is page redirection. The error page shall have the correct URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to the appropriate page the visitor looking for. This shall be configured on the server configuration files. Let us see the solutions for this error in detai

Solution No 1-Writing the best content:

The web development companies in Coimbatore will find the solution even for these discomforts. This can be solved by giving a best and qualified contents for the web page. It is not necessary that a visitor be disappointed only because of not finding his desired destination. Instead the qualified and best contents of the page can change this situation upside down by providing the source of alternate or associated web pages.The visitors can gain the related information by giving the source for the associated web pages

Solution No 2- Collecting the E-Mail address:

When a visitor did not achieve their expected target page then it doesn’t sense that this visitor cannot be changed as customer. By providing the other sources, the visitors can have the positive impression and good will upon the website. Thus, when situation occurs early visitors can become customers later. This solution can be attained by getting the leads of the visitors when they visit the webpage. Later the needed information can be provided to their e-mail id when collected by the client’s website. Just by helping the visitors by showing the right path and getting their information they can be converted into customers in the future

Solution No 3- Search box:

If the webpage is an older one then the probability is more to lose the customers because of removal of the pages or redirection. Another solution for this problem is fixing a search box in 404 not found page. Once the visitor find the 404 not found page they may enter the needed or their target information. As soon as they enter then they shall be redirected to their destination website. This can be the solution for dead and broken link. A social network Twitter does this fine work to hold on their existing customers. So, this solution can be a better to help the visitors of the client’s website

Solution No 4- Contact form:

This is another solution to find out the new customer. The client can have the questionnaire form to collect the personal and contact details. If the client’s aim is to collect the leads thenthey can achieve their goal easily and improve their business line. If the visitors provide the needed information then that can be given via their email id. Even if website owner cannot provide the information also, client can gather the leads that improves their business. Another advantage of displaying the contact form is, the client can ask for the discomfort zones of the visitor and rectify the same by fixing the errors. Later on the clients can find the solution for the errors fixed. This type of habit will help the clients to improve the enhancement of the visitors. It indicates the about experience of the client’s website and visitors facilities as well. Thus this deed will impress the customers in favouring their facility.

Solution No 5- Humour message is not good on 404 page:

The designers may have the habit of adding the humour message to their webpages. The habit of posting the unnecessary messages will create the bad impression and disgusting image upon the customers or visitors. Because the visitors may be in urgency or irksome plight to collect the information with respect to their expectation. In this situation, if the visitors attempt to view any humour message, then their temper level swings bad. So to avoid this situation, it will be fine if the humour messages are avoided. Instead they can give the informationthey are looking for or confidence statements or pessimistic proverbs related to their mind set. The visitors will have a good impression and may have a chance to become the client’s customer. Thus avoiding unnecessary wordings and providing needed information to the visitors will help the business growth rather than increasing the temper of the visitors.


The first four solutions are positive do’s to improve the business by increasing the visitor’s number. The fifth solution is the don’t condition that should be applied not to lose the future customers during their visitor stage. Thus these solutions shall avoid the visitor to give them the dead end useless page to them, since this disappoints the visitor. Some steps shall be taken to avoid these disappointments. It is not considered as all these solutions are necessary only for the error page 404. These types of solution can match other problems also. So, the website designers should keep all the possibilities of error in mind while creating or designing the website. Choose best web development company in Coimbatore to satisfy all your website needs.

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