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Finance ERP

ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning is a process that is used by a company to manage and integrate the core parts of the business. The ERP Management information system conjugates many areas say planning, purchasing, inventory, finance, marketing, sales and human resources. ERP is mostly used in the software context. Since the methodology spread like viral, large software applications have been developed to facilitate companies in implementing ERP.

All level of organizations say from small to large are benefited from the ERP finance module implementation. It is the core of many ERP software systems. Finance ERP is capable of gathering financial data from different functional departments, generating financial reports such as trial balance, balance sheet, general ledger and financial statements. Receivable and Payable statements can be generated with the help of Finance ERP. It bridges between sales & procurement process. All the figures will be protected by a password. Only the authenticated person can access the account information from Finance Enterprise resource planning method.

In any company, funds manipulation is an important concern. So, the sources of funds and funds application are to be taken care by defining schedules, general and sub-ledger, balance sheets, etc., The various input transaction say Credit/Debit entry, Cash/Bank receipts, payments, Bank reconciliation statement, bill verification can be done with the help of this ERP.

Stock Management System

“Stock” represents the finished product which is sold by the business. Sometimes, the stock may also be raw material. For instance, a car dealership’s stock includes cars (finished product) and also tires, engine and other accessories (raw parts).

Stock Management system refers when a company works to attain and secure a suitable range of goods while also maintaining track of all orders, shipping, and handling, other related costs. Stock Management System primarily specifies the size and placement of the commodities which is owned by a company. This system is quite important for numerous departments to protect the planned track of production against the possibility of running out of goods. As simple as to state, the stock management is ruled first by the customers who purchase goods from stock and secondarily by the company who pushes the goods from the stock based on the demand and orders.

This system also covers the important links between replacement lead time, carrying a stock cost, forecasting future stock price, physical stock, asset management, stock space availability, demand forecasting etc, A company can discover the optimal stock levels by balancing the competing factors. This is a never-ending process as it grows and changes often.

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