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Web development refers to conceptualization, creation, deployment and operating web application and programming interfaces for the web. This concept encompasses all activities of websites and applications. The users' experience with our developed websites has proved our creativity and effective skill set. We toil to develop the ideas generated by clients after having a brief discussion about their business plan and website design. Our entire team will continuously monitor and resolve the client's website problem then and there. We always strive to identify the problem in depth instead of doing superficially.

We involve our websites with the following technologies for the development:


PHP - A hypertext pre-processor is available as an open source scripting language that suits the best for web development and it can be embedded into HTML
Mysql - It is a database management system. This open source technology manages email accounts, content management systems, and blogs
Wordpress - This open source is mainly used by millions of web developers, more than 20,000 free plugins are available to install SEO, Contact form etc., even non-techies can easily handle Word press and there is no cost allied with installing, upgrading and downloading
CakePHP - This is also an open source contains many features such as Flexible catching, Localization, Code generation, Flexible licensing, built-in validation etc., It is being used as a base structure for programmers for creating web applications. It makes to work in a rapid manner with no loss of flexibility
Joomla - Most of the Websites and applications are created with the open source platform Joomla next to Wordpress. This Content Management system connects the site to MySQLi, Mysql, or PostgreSQL database so as to make the content management delivery easier to both the visitors and site manager
Drupal - It is a rapid application development framework available as the open source used to develop vibrant websites with PHP. It is easy to deploy and makes PHP coding simple and quick

"Synovers" keep an eye on the clients' need & business scenario, based on them the web development platform is chosen to do hassle-free access.

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