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Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the website's visibility by organic search in Google, yahoo, Bing etc. It is the procedure of finding keywords that may depend on the business activity of each client. The keywords are inserted in web content meaningfully to make it pleasant. The process of SEO ensures the easy accessibility of a web page. These keywords only help to lead a website in traffic. Unpaid keyword dense contents and website will be active for some months and it is overtaken by some new websites. Paid SEO makes the availability of one till they pay for the SEO advertisement.

There are two types of Optimization say On page and Off page optimization

On page optimization - It refers to all measures that are taken within the website in order to enhance its position in the search rankings. Keywords place a core role and on the basis of keywords developers will design the website SEO friendly. Using Google analytics tools the visitors can be tracked. After the keyword dense content giving accurate Title tags, Meta tags and Meta keywords are important
Off page optimization - It is defined as all the measures are taken outside of the actual website so as to improve the search ranking positions. It helps to create as many high-quality back links (incoming links). Developers will focus on the particular keywords given by the clients which they desire to come up in search engines. It is totally performed outside of the website boundaries such Social book marking, Social Media Marketing etc.,

SMO: Social media optimization (SMO) is the process to increase the product awareness, brand or event by viral publicity such as using social media outlets. It includes social news, bookmarking and RSS feeds, blogging sites. SMO is similar to SEO that goals to drive traffic to the website.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing is the process attaining website traffic by buying ads on search engines. Some of the SEM activities are CPC, CPM, Paid search ads, PPC, Paid search advertising etc.,

Synovers is an experienced web design and Development Company who does all SEO/SMO/SEM works for the clients based on their request. By their effective guide and work out the client's sites never fail to arrive in the traffic.

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