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Sending SMS message to large recipients at one time is called Bulk SMS. It is cheaper than regular SMS from the phone and it is purchased as Bulk. This is used as a cheaper method of huge communication than emails and more effective than E-mail marketing.

We at Synovers offer Bulk SMS module with top quality service, combining with numerous features for SMS campaigns. Since the Bulk SMS is available through SMS platform, no need for any software installation. From the individual to top business magnet may use this service to promote their business.

There are two kinds of Bulk SMS say Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS

Promotional SMS - These SMS are sent to promote a product or service. The feature of promotional SMS is many as:

  • Able to maintain all contacts in specific groups online
  • Can Create and save message in draft
  • Possible to get delivery reports for sent messages and Bonus for received replies
  • Able to send flash and picture messages
  • Simple process as login-compose-send
  • Payment can be done through online
  • Can view and save the online payment receipts
Transactional SMS - This service is ideal for sending updates | reminders | alerts to the clients. It mainly refers to an acknowledgement message sent to the users who performed transactions in your website or apps. Say for instance a user may placed an order in your site, order confirmation message will be sent to them, after signing up sending OTP for security reasons do come under transactional SMS.

  • Can able to send messages to DND numbers
  • It is possible to deliver the urgent information to people
  • Transactional SMS does not have any time constraint, it may be sent at any time.
  • Available with Delivery report option
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