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Advantages of of adding ICON fonts with CSS

19th December
Advantages of of adding ICON fonts with CSS

Cascading style sheets The (CSS) is a language to specify how the documents are presented to the end users. Generally using a markup language, HTML the documents are written. Documents are none other than the collective information which is structured using HTML. Forwarding a document to a user indicates converting the document into a suitable form as per the user requirement

CSS is used to frame the design, layout and the styles of the document. Along with an embedded style sheet CSS can be placed in the document or attaching a separate file which defines the styles with an external style sheet. If an external style sheet is to be added to the document, adding a link to the style sheet in the document head. The external style sheet has many advantages which keeps the styles separate from HTML, avoids duplication, can be maintained easier. CSS language is widely used by large numbers of the web design company to reduce their designing work

Icon font is a normal font which has been used in the projects. When a font file is closely monitored, a character table will be noticed. Every character is represented in a shape of vector. The vector shapes representing characters can be easily replaced with any shape as one wish

Icon fonts add up visual array of users to look the layout and it is especially used for menu links or as a replacement for larger graphics. Icon fonts are usually displayed through including an icon font style sheet, and inserting an HTML element in the icon appearing place

One can create own font full of using own shapes which can be utilized in the same way as display text in HTML. One may change the size of icon, color and even imply CSS3 effects or animation on any text as preferred. Icon fonts are not heavy which requires only one http request for loading one font file. Every icon consists own character or symbol which can be easily displayed in HTML or CSS. Nowadays most of the web design company uses CSS to enhance the site speed

Images are always being challenges when designing website which need an extra http request. Sometimes the best idea would be avoiding images for such a responsive design. Whereas adding of Icon fonts with CSS resolve the problem greatly and make the website to load at a shorter time. Icon fonts are nothing but they are font files where icons and graphs are filled in the place of letters and numeric. Using Icon font is simple as to embed the web font of Icon and select the icon from the character-map and finally type the number or letter. Icon fonts are quite flexible and it is in trend as the way of using iconography. The icons are small sized while using them. The icons special features are increasing cross browser compatibility and full CSS styling capability.

The benefits of ICON Fonts with CSS are:

Scaling, Coloring, adding shadows to the fonts, having transparent knockouts, changing the font dullness, rotating the fonts, basically makes a lot of changes without opening, editing a sprite or Photoshop. These are capable of automatically scaling for retina displays. Aesthetic of Icon fonts - Since these are vector characters they look well and obvious even in high pixel. Performance oriented- Since the fonts are very small one HTTP request is enough on the server

The simple usage of Icon Fonts

The first step of using icon font is to select and embed the font. Once the font is ready, one may use the favorite embedding method of fonts. The general options are: Wrapping Icon in HTML | Using CSS Generated content | Using Data Icon attribute

There are various sources are available to extract Icon Fonts say IcoMoon, Fontello, Fico, Sosa, Foundation, Entypo etc.,

Though Icon fonts will not suit for all scenarios, but still they work really wonderful. The benefits are more by using an icon image, importantly they can scale and maintain proportion and they can be easily manipulated in many ways.

There are various types of Icons say Transportation Icons, Form Control Icons, Currency Icons, Directional Icons, Brand Icons, Medical Icons, File Type Icons, Hand icons, Web Application Icons etc., Each of the icons represent its meaning of usage. Say for instance

Icon Fonts & Accessibility

While using the Icons things to be considered as follows
  • The icons need to be with clarity and easily understandable or else it will fail to do its job as expected. Always using understandable icons will be left with no chaos
  • Consistent icons should be used while designing the website. That means a uniform presentation should be presented in the cases of colors, size, angles and borders etc., the icon should be able to reflect the brand identity of the website.
  • The function and creative icons should be used always. The conveying message through icons should be crystal clear to the web user.
  • Before deploying the icon fonts first decide about the type and purpose of the website. The creative and understandable icons will definitely target the audience view

As many web design companies apply CSS principles, the working system, web site speed and server speed move smoothly without any intermission

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