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Finding new solutions to the problems with the help of 2D or 3D, visual communication, digital is graphic designing. It includes branding, logo, tattoos, typefaces, animated character, flyers, design for textiles etc., these works will be consumed through visual media.

Logo - It is important for everyone to represent an individual, a company or an organization. The logo itself will tell about your business. Along with the logo, typographic parts will exactly spell the organization name.

Branding - It encompasses the logo and the full visual position strongly created by the brand identity. Branding also includes many features apart from designing such as messaging, content etc., The client experience and customer service is also a brand part. The word brand might be deployed after a repeated choice of reputation. Branding aims in establishing a differentiated presence in the global markets to allure and retain the customers.

Corporate Identity - It is a collection of visual elements that are used in a variety of applications for promoting the organization's image. But some need a corporate identity as the core of existence of an organization, its history, philosophy, technology and people along with strategies. It helps to evaluate the organization's position among the competitors.

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