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How to use HTML5 and CSS3

25th December
How to use HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 is a hypertext markup language which has been in the web development for nearing a decade. It has been used for structuring and presenting contents on the web. HTML5 is the current version of HTML standard. It encourages interoperable implementation with detailed processing models. It improves, extends the markup available for documents and stands first in introducing application and markup programming interfaces for the complex web applications. This is also implied for cross-platform mobile applications since the features are designed with low-powered devices. The biggest difference between the older version and HTML5 is the new version provides a common interface for loading the elements easier whereas the older versions required proprietary plugins and Application programming interfaces. HTML5 was adopted by World Wide Web consortium and this group published the first draft of HTML5 in 2008.

The total world is now dependent on internet and website. From reading the newspaper till booking the tickets whatever it is we entirely depend on the web support. So here we do have a ride about the HTML5 components and usages to makes a perfect website

First of all the developers divide the content into small components based on their importance. We should watch the analogy of word processor and text editing programs where the web pages can be created as regular text documents.

The article tag is an independent. Although one cannot able to see the design and style with the article tag implementation, but it is used to HTML5 standards, SEO purposes and improves the machine readability

To install sound substances the HTML audio component is used that may hold a few audio sources and it picks the most suitable one. There was no proper audio player in the website before HTML5.

Command is an element not supported by any browsers yet. It is a basic commanding code of HTML5. If we want to save a file or open a file that shows the command function that is prompted with command element. Radio button, checkbox button are to induce the particular function. Since it does not have browser compatibility, it is still under development. This command element is used inside the menu or outside anywhere in the body

The TIME element represents either 24-hours clock or a precise date with time zone information. It has been set to represent the time and date in a readable format. Since it is a pure machine readable element works in the script background.

The header element is used to define the header of a particular document or section. It is also used for navigation links. Multiple header elements can be compiled into a single document. However, it cannot be used with footer, address

The embed element informs an integration point for an outside provision. The embed tag in HTML5 will validate is an HTML5 page. If you utilize this tag in HTML4 the page will not be validated.

The nav element indicates an area of a page that connects to different parts or pages.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language used to describe the view and formatting of a document written in a markup language. CSS3 is the latest version of CSS2 and the main difference between CSS2 and CSS3 are Color | Name spaces| Media queries | Selector level. New and most important CSS3 modules are 2D/3D Transformations | User Interface | Box Model | Backgrounds and Borders | Text Effects etc.,

CSS3 Backgrounds: It is supported by all major browsers. CSS3 is used to resize the background properties. Multiple background implementations are done by using CSS3. Before developing this it was unable to resize the background, now the problem is solved with it. Background size and Background origin are the two properties. Background Size is used to fix the background size whatever it is either in percentage or pixel format. Background-origin is used to define the background position that’s where it should be displayed on the page

CSS3 Fonts: CSS3 advanced font features improve the web designing. With the aid of CSS3 fonts, different font style types can be created. The defining rule of the font is the developer should declare a name in the first line of CSS. The font file could be found in Open type or True type format.

CSS3 Text Effects:It is used to implement extra specifications on a normal text. This text effect helps to augment the text features for layout and viewing purpose. CSS3 Text effect has two main properties one is text-shadow and another is word-wrap. Text shadow creates the shadow around the text and word-wrap breaks the continuous text to another line. If there is a difficulty to break the line of a sentence CSS3 word-wrap property is used.

CSS3 2D Transform It uses to change the actual form of the element. With the help of this feature the developer can change the shape and size of the element. The main five types of CSS3 2D forms are translate | rotate | scale | skew | matrix |.

The rotate method helps to rotate the object depends on its value. Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation can be passed in this type

The scale method interferes with increasing or decreasing the object size on its value passed in the parameter. The two types of values are X-axis for width and Y-axis for height.

The skew method helps to alter the angle of objects based on two values, horizontal (x-axis) and vertical (y-axis).

The Translate method moves the object based on its parameter. Moving from left (x-axis) and moving from top (y-axis) are used

The matrix method changes all transformation at only one time which has been mentioned above with six types of value can be passed in the parameter

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