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Step by Step guide for Speed up your Word press Website

9th December
Step by Step guide for Speed up your Word press Website

Wordpress is an excellent Content Management System platform. If this is not optimized accurately the action of WP might be quite slow. There are plenty of techniques deployed to speed up the Wordpress website that ultimately loads the site faster. This blog is an advisory guide as for how to speed up the word press website.

Selecting the best web host provider

Web hosting is the vital factor which escalates a Wordpress website's speed. Most of the web developers and firms prefer shared hosting due to its unlimited space, domains, and bandwidth. However, this shared hosting many times might fail to deliver good loading of the web pages during the traffic hours. The performance of shared webhost becomes poor since the server space is occupied by plenty of websites. The developers may do not have enough idea as for how well the optimization could be done on the shared servers. To void such difficulties and to enhance the online business a gifted technology is the “dedicated cloud server”. The cloud servers are provided by many companies at an affordable price, however setting the server up would be an intricate task as the developer is required to set the servers up from scratch. Many cloud web hosting providers are available in the market; they can customize the cloud servers easily.

Avoid unwanted plugins

Keeping worthless plugins develop junk to the web files. Unnecessary plugins increase the backup size of the site and pressure the server resource with a heavy load. It is advisable to neglect unwanted plugins which will never be used and better to choose social media to share the latest post of the website.

Reduce the Wordpress database

When unwanted data are removed from the Wordpress database, backup size is ultimately reduced. Deleting spam comments, stale drafts of the content, fake users' details, and unwanted themes will help to reduce the database and web file size, thus word press speed up

Trim down the image sizes:

Images occupy heavy size in the webpage. There are some ways to reduce the images size without distracting the image quality. It will take a long time and is a huge task to optimize the images using Photoshop, or other tools. There are some advanced plugins such as WP Smush, EWWW Image Optimers are available to optimize the image readily. Using any of the above plugins reduces the size of images unimaginably and improves the website speed.

Usage of Caching

Caching stores the website version in their browser and serves them until the site is updated or until the developer instructs to refresh the version of the website. This feature of caching fastens the website loading. A significant speedup is experienced by enabling caching and some research showed that enabling full cache for a website reduce the loading time from 2.4 seconds to 0.9 seconds which is quite massive. Depends on the platform used in the website the caches are enabled. For Wordpress platform, the cache plugins are W3 Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Rocket is the more advanced cache plug-in. The maximum for Drupal platform WP Rocket is used.

Execute CDN (Content Delivery Networks)

The visitors of a website will be from all around the world and the site loading speed differs based on the server vicinity. Content Delivery Networks help to maintain site loading speed at a minimum for all country people. It also holds a copy of the website in various datacenters. CDN primarily takes all files such as JavaScript, Images, and CSS & delivers them through a server close to the visitor which ultimately decreases the downloading time. MaxCDN, CloudFlare are the popular CDN services.

PHP Accelerator

PHP eliminates entering the same information in the website all the time but the same can affect the website loading time. If the website relies on PHP, the developer shall utilize PHP accelerator or replace PHP files with static HTML files to improve the website speed.

Installation of Google PageSpeed on the Server

The Google's PageSpeed is an open source server module which has the capacity to optimize the website speed automatically. The developer need not do anything and the auto modifications will be made in the Sever, files.

Add GZIP compression

Disk space is enhanced by compressing the file sizes in the computer. Similarly, GZIP compression can be used on the website. Such an action reduces the bandwidth usage and it speeds up the website. As GZIP compresses various files the visitors have to unzip the website while accessing the website. It brings down the usage of bandwidth to a considerable extent. To apply GZIP compression on the website either Plug-in “GZip Ninja Speed Optimization” or manual codes can be applied.

Use Image sprites to combine the background images

When the user's browser makes more requests to the server, the website speed reduces simultaneously. Using multiple background images many website templates are designed which causes different requests at the time of trying to load the website. While combining multiple images to one, the visitor's browser can have only one image request at the time of loading the site. With the help of Image Sprites, this can be deployed on the site easily. Spriteme usage to combine the images into sprites ultimately boosts the fastness.

Optimized theme improves the speed

Selection of Wordpress theme to the website directly linked to the fastness of the site. Some attractive themes will slow down the site due to the poor coding. Choosing a simple theme with quality plugins will help the developer the attain the expected features instead of handling complex layouts, animations etc., Theme shops such as Themify, Studiopress, Array Themes offer the well-coded themes

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