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Tips to Improve Your Website's Conversion Rates

1st December
Tips to Improve Your Websites Conversion Rates With These 6 Web Design Ideas

Conversion rate means that the total percentage of website visitors who desire to buy something from the website. This is a yardstick to measure the future potency of an e-commerce site.

Importance of conversion rates

The conversion rate only forecasts the sale and site visitors' information. Knowing conversion rate is essential for any e-commerce site. Online store optimization helps to increase the rate of sales from the potentially existing and new customers. High conversion rates cut down the unnecessary expenses, and the site concerned can invest the revenue in product catalog expansion and online marketing. The conversion rates act as a measure to fix the customers' experience in a website. A smart conversion rate can be defined as when an online store makes 10,000 visitors and 100 conversions are acquired in a stipulated period of time, then the conversion rate is 1%. As such the rate of conversion is calculated. Targeting audience, specific about the products that are sold in the online store, the choice of industry and traffic are the core keys to improving registrations and purchases on the website that ultimately escalates the success of conversion rate.

Make a neat layout design for crisp understanding

A crystal clear and simple layout web designs are more attractive than the trendy with lots of flashes and animation in an array. A neat content and product offerings should be given clearly to impress them with easy understanding instead of annoying them with unwanted pop-ups and flashes. Such jerking activities drag the loading time of the website. Hence visitor will fly off from their purpose of view. People always look at your website first, before they move to the header, menu, and footer and so on. A peer website adapts to fit any screen such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops to make all pages, actions and features accessible irrespective of which device is used for browsing.

Navigation helps a ton to convert into a potential buyer

Navigation is a prime rule to attract the visitors. When searching for a product with specific keywords and landing in the exact destinations (Pages) that will satiate the need of visitors in a fraction of a moment. Better to be opted with simple navigation menus rather than keeping a long list which definitely distracts the visitors from the present site to the next site. Try to avoid unnecessary questionnaire to hold your visitors. Do not give only the set of links; serve the customers with real short and catchy menus. Make unique tabs or the background of the menu that keeps your site in remembrance. It is ideal to keep the font size large enough to notice easily with a clear font face. Better try to avoid the monotonous tone of words like products, FAQs, use exciting and crispy words which have to be understood better instead of confusing the visitors. “About us” can be renamed with “who is and why is” that speaks out better in the modern medium.

Customize in placing the social media feeds:

Most of the brandings are done through social media successfully. So people are aware of as how to connect with the relevant brands on social media if they want to. Hence the social icons may be placed in the sidebar or in the footer that has to be linked to your products. Allow the visitors to read the page fully and make them purchase and strictly do not pave the way to go through previous posts and tweets. Sharing the company announcements through social media makes the customers share the news within their circles. Customers can directly interact with you through comments, posts, and reviews which might help to know about the site and the products well.

SEO is a thumb rule

SEO is vital for the page rank and that should be properly used rather than dumping. The pages should be accurately titled, tags, Meta tags, and related keywords. SEO makes a constant effort to beat the competition. SEO is specified for every site not only just to increase the site traffic or to improve the visibilities in search engines. These are said to be stepping stones to escalate revenue driven conversions and to encourage the existing valuable customer to get back to your brand sequentially. SEO contents reduce the capital investment towards the advertisement and improve the overall marketing strategy. Such conversion rates measure the entire percentage of customers who complete a call-to-action, i.e. after visiting going to buy a product, helps to identify the customers who actually buy the products. If SEO directs the qualified traffic to a website, the results will be seen in conversion rates. If SEO fails to help, there would be a downfall noticed in the conversions.

Increase the level of confidence in customers

There is no face-to-face interaction between the customer and you. Do better establishment about you to enhance the trust between two. In the introduction page as said above "why us and what us" try to give deep details about you and the products, quality. Posting testimonials of the past customers showcase your reputation and service. Displaying partnerships and site security measures are the ways that hike the confidence in you to make money transactions.

Choice of colors put your customers on hold

It has been noticed that most of the product assessments are successfully done on the color basis. Colors are essential for creating a powerful web design. Multiple colors make an impact on the viewers in different ways. The choice of color of your website either attracts the visitors to stay or cause them to lose focus on the content. Usually, Red colored buttons or contents are associated with cautions or stop from the action you do. It is better to avoid such a bright red color button to hold your customers. Green and blue colors pacify one's mind and escalate the clarity whether to move on or to stop. Background color should be pastel to increase the viewer's readability.

Installation of Google PageSpeed on the Server

The Google's PageSpeed is an open source server module which has the capacity to optimize the website speed automatically. The developer need not do anything and the auto modifications will be made in the Sever, files.

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