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What are the things to be considered before designing a website

25th Janauary
What are the things to be considered before designing a website

From top corporate companies to small enterprises create a website on necessity bases such as SEO ranking, product and company marketing, Google reviews etc., However, all the sites do not establish in the Google ranking as one desires. Then how to make the website visible and what are the key things to be considered before starting to design a website. Here we have some precise points that could help out the readers to know what the essential factors of a website are

Keep an eye on clean Design

The website design company should remember that during web development it is important to create a clean, appealing design. A clean design that helps viewers to be precise on the brand and content instead of chaotic graphics and unwanted text. Mostly customers associate the website designs with a particular company’s product or quality. Hence clean design will allure the visitors to come back. So you dream to design

Be on Branding

Branding is vital to all sorts of businesses. The design and placement of the brand’s logo are entitled to an overall opinion of viewers. Professionally designed logos are always catching users’ attention that provides a clear definition about the brands. Choosing the best place for logo such as upper left or upper right that is normally scanned by the visitors when opening a website. To strengthen the brand impression it is recommended to use the same logo on print advertising, packing etc., when the business shows consistency with branding, it makes customers a memorable brand experience. Bold your branding

Stick on to precise Navigation

If a website contains difficult navigation, the customers will leave off from the site out of horrible confusion. The proper navigation is a must and that can be only obtained by working as an end user. Using the search box and site map will help visitors immensely to see their web page and products. The navigation shall be streamlined by eliminating underperforming pages that might decrease the loading time which will distract the visitors to stay back from their necessities. Be smart with your navigation part

Get Integrated with Social Media

Integration with social media turned to a requirement to enhance the business market. Since the technology made sharing information easier, the business who lacks with social media integration fails to take the opportunity to do modern world word-of-mouth advertising. A huge platform is provided by social media to promote the brand, provide reviews and to know about companies latest activities. Visual and written content along with branded video, product images can be easily merged in the platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn by adding a social sharing buttons on the website. Solicit through Social media to boost your business

Add Customer Testimonials

Featuring customer testimonials helps to establish the company’s products, skills, commitment towards customers. If any customer desires to give a documented testimonial share on the page, if anybody wants to share verbally then record it as a video and merge in the testimonial page. The genuine reviews and testimonials of a company will have greater chances of gaining new customers.

Use Original Content

Highly quality, original contents are always hike in Google ranking so it is crucial to delivering a perfect content to the website. The usage of keywords and the content reality plays a vital role in SEO factors. Instead of providing routine information try to provide the content that could reflect your brand's uniqueness. Go for Copyscape to avoid duplication before publishing the content. Possessing duplicate contents on the website results in penalties from Google and includes the possible for removing from search engine results. Your content compliments the site

Choosy on effective color scheme

Colors are the powerful tools of a web design that could make the visitors decide on the things. The colors play with emotional such as happiness, calm, and frustration. Avoid using red color fonts or pages that will always indicate cautiousness. It is important to consider the company’s position, branding, audience before applying colors. However, the web design & development company should discuss with the client before initiating color scheme that would definitely take visitors good impression. Make your business bright with choosy colors.

Keep an Active Blog

An active and on-site blog always keep the customers updated with the company events, latest products and company’s other information. Updating the blogs regularly encourages readers to know and interact with your brand. When regular fresh and engaging contents are provided to the readers the brand becomes a trusted resource. Blogs boom your business.. do not forget to add on

Manage Site Security

Site security is core when the website handles transactions. Since customers are loading their personal information with your site you shall provide a security to their information to avoid any threat. Combat it with an SSL or a BBB certificate. After verifying an organization or individual’s identity an SSL certificate provider (certificate authority) issues a digital certificate. Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives an opportunity to the business to prove its level of commitment to being a company that customers can trust.

The best choice of Domain and Host

Great domain names will always be unforgettable. The domain name needs to reflect the brand and should not be misspelled. Finding the apt name integrating SEO, simple spelling and brand identity into the domain name is a challenging task. While choosing hosting packages, you should well know about your website and nature of business. You should research about the host company’s backup, additional features, security, and reliability & also view the reviews of company’s performance in third party websites, social media before engaging with the host company

Call to Action

Encourage the visitors by placing a call to action such as “Contact us today” that improves a rapport with you and your customer. If a user discovers your brand then invite him to subscribe to your email newsletter. If a customer is already existing, announcing loyalty reward programs will encourage them to participate.

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