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12th July
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AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages is a technique that is used in mobile browsers. This coding is to optimize the mobile browsing. This is same as HTML. On the base of HTML AMP is implemented. To show the variations AMP coding will have AMP-HTML intended to the webpages. So this technique will help the loading of the results very quickly and efficiently. Third –party AMP plugins are used by many different content management systems and JavaScript library is provided for developers by AMP while third party JavaScript is restricted. This service was implemented in February 2016. AMP is implemented currently in various Television channels like CNN, ABC, FoxNews and The Washington Post. The editor and publisher of CNN says that AMP and Facebook are the two excellent tools to explore the vibrant ecosystem and competitive signs. CNN is Google AMP’s launch partner so, the articles are published instantly on facebook after deciding about the strategies, timing and workflow. Thus AMP brings the importance and prioritize the TV channels or the products where it is used. Hence, the same technology is used for ABC, FoxNews and The Washington Post TV Channels.

1.Start up: The document should start up with <!doctype html>. The coding consists of top-level tags like <html> and < html amp>. The tags like <head><body> are optional in HTML but here in AMP HTML these two are mandatory. <meta charset=""> will be the first child of <head> tag and the second child is <script asyncsrc= "JavaScript Path"></script> tag. This portion will let this webpage to access the JavaScript Library. The very next part of AMP HTML is to link the exact HTML version file if any of the HTML file should be linked with this as a support. If no HTML file is needed to support this then this file will point to itself. Then the head tag consists of animation properties, embedding any multimedia file. Certain format is followed for such embedding. The other important property is defined on the head tag. is not mandatory for AMP but still it helps in content distribution and will result well while surfing the internet.

2.Including Images: The method of including images in HTML is followed here also with small variation <amp imgsrc= "source of the image" other properties of this tag></amp-img>

3.Modifying Layout: The layout can be modified The layout can be modified using CSS properties. The same is embedding in the <style amp – custom> tag. Every AMP page shall have only one embedded stylesheet with some restrictions and elements to have explicit size set from get-go.

4.Preview and Validate: Preview can be done as usual HTML file. To validate, the file can be opened directly in the browser using open menu. Sometimes XMLHttpRequest does not allow certain elements to work. The other way of validating this page is to use local web server like Apache 2 or Nginx. AMP HTML file is validated by opening it in the browser. Then the developer should add “#development=1” to the URL. Then open the Chrome DevTools console and after that validation errors are checked.

5.Prepare for Discovery and Distribution:In some situations both AMP and non-AMP versions of the same article is needed to avoid situational technical pull downs. To pair the non-AMP and AMP files together, <link> tag in the <head> section is used. This is done to share the non AMP information to AMP page and vice versa. If no non AMP file is available then the link should be given it the file itself named as canonical link.

6.Publishing web page: After testing the whole file, it should be published. This makes the file to view in the internet and become useful.


Thus these are the simple methods to develop the websites. The technically stuffed employers of the web development companies in Coimbatore will know all these technical updates and are well versed in developing efficient websites. Small and strong techniques like AMP are gained by the developers of Web designing companies in Coimbatore . Hence, the web development companies in Coimbatore will produces many websites that are competitive all over the country.

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