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How to make users to trust your website

3rd March
How to make users to trust your website

Trust is the key for all business activities. Dependable staffs, professionally branded identity, reliable services and products are the main qualities that escalate corporate confidence. A company’s website must be trustworthy and the users shall get all the necessary details as early as possible. When the users start to trust your site, they will browse certainly for longer that increases the anxiety of the users to engage with your services or purchase goods from your site. The description is right, but how to process it? We describe here as for how to make your website as a trustworthy one

Civilize your website

Users generally trust the products and team working on the website. So it is important to establish the team and teamwork. Hence using real images of your team members helps the people to trust on you, not on the website. This perception humanizes your website. You can present your team by making videos, photo galleries and product videos which escalate the users’ trust on the website. Do not forget to map you obviously to your visitors.

Be open with your details:

You should always show the real address on the map that helps the users to see your existence. When you showcase the address you will be out listed from the anonymous category. Sometimes, nearby visitors may directly walk-in to your place to confirm your presence. If you are from a remote place, you may present your address through the map that would hike the users’ trust. Give importance to your existence to earn customers trust.

Boost the site’s loading time:

Most of the visitors expect your site to load in two seconds. When your site is dragging in speed, it definitely degrades the trust on you. It is more important to keep your site’s speed up so as to hold back your visitors. Keeping a dedicated server for large websites such as e-commerce will retain the customers always.

Update your site as per the trends:

It is important to update the contents with recent events to show your liveliness. Then only the new visitors will come to know about your regular access to the site. You always show some recent updates along with dates to ensure others that your site is up-to-date. Regular blogs and twitter feed improve your liveliness. So, keep your website updated to attract the customers.

Leverage other brands:

Your affiliations, services, partner logos, site seals are all the good ways to leverage the brand power of other organizations. Affiliation with the brands shows your company recognition so that the visitors will suggest tying up with you.

Concentrate on about page:

Your “about page” should explore clearly about you, services, products and other needy things. Improve your site contents readability and instill trustworthy points in the page to showcase your credibility

Make your contact easy

Do not make your visitors loiter for contacting you. If you are running a trusting business, then you should clearly show out your contact numbers and address to the visitors who want to contact you. Making simple contact forms to your website create wonders. It is the best way to add up your phone number, responsive email id, contact forms to enhance your website trust. This trust makes you grow

Proofread your content

Grammatical and spelling errors always pull down your site seriously and the visitors will think that they have a bad start with the site. Though grammatical and spelling errors are negligible in blogs, Facebook, twitter, they will always be considered as a part of your site’s reliability. If you want to keep your pages picture perfect, hire a proofreader to turn the visitors on your site

Check out with security

When a customer decides to purchase from your site, he will perceive a transaction security. You should ensure that the third party vendor who you choose is reliable and remains current on the latest security technology. Most of the customers rely on the payment gateway say PayPal and Stripe. Prevent unauthorized parties access to financial information by SSL encryption


Sometimes potential customers expect an assurance from previous customers. The satisfied customers’ testimonials will eliminate the doubts of others. To acquire the experience of satisfied customers, you try to get more testimonials from the real customers. Post your customers’ testimonials along with the picture, background information such as name and location which help others to understand your site’s credibility. You may display the testimonials through the sales content or create a unique page and direct it. Such activities, no doubts, will increase your sales conversion rates

Provide a Money-Back Guarantee

In case a customer does not like the service or product they receive from you, it is better to offer them with a money back guarantee. When they see the guarantee, they will buy the products confidently. Generally, a 30-days refund policy is sufficient. Such kind of guarantees increases the credibility of your site and paves the path to sales conversion

Privacy Policy

When you do business with your customer assure them that their identity and sensitive information are kept private. For such reasons, Privacy policy page may be inserted anywhere in the website, especially about us and contact page will be the right place for insertion. The privacy policy should insist on that you will never provide or share any private information like customer name, financial records, credit information and address to others. However, you shall swear to stick on to the privacy policy and in any case, it should not be disclosed to anybody

Showcase your Social Media Stats

If you show that you have significant followers in social media stats on your website which will immensely help you to convert your potential customers. If you show 10000 Facebook fans and 8000+ Twitter followers it will ultimately increase the credibility of you and site. These social stats can be placed either at the top or underneath or right sidebar so that the visitors can immediately see the stats. Since most of the people assess the credibility of a business based on its popularity on social media networks, showing your social stats potential create confidence and reliability among your customers


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