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Mavo: Creates Interactive Data-Driven Web Applications by Authoring HTML

20th June
Mavo: Creates Interactive Data-Driven Web Applications by Authoring HTML

Each commercial enterprise has particular demanding situations a few more than others and certain ones have a “particular recipe” that contributes to their achievement

Although there are numerous software program solutions available on the market, it’s nearly not possible for any single application to be ideally suited to an enterprise’s each need

With Mavo software program, one can handle the website customization easily. No technical support is required. One can easily Upload picture or image to a website, can create an app to tune and/or share an aspect of your lifestyles, it can even calculate something and provides the results in a custom way

What are Mavo and its launching?

Mavo recently developed in the Haystack Group at MIT CSAIL and led by Lea Verou and launched in May 2017. It is an HTML-based language for creating web applications without programming or a server backend. It's so named as ‘Mavo’ on behalf of the creator’s late mother (Maria Verou).It is Open Source of course.

Try the new creative way of designing web application:
  • Mavo is a new, approachable way to creating web applications which turn your static HTML into reactive net programs without programming code and no server backend
  • Mavo extends the declarative syntax of HTML to describe Web programs that manage, keep and transform facts.
  • Using Mavo, authors with simple HTML information define complicated information schemes implicitly as they design their HTML layout.
  • Many times one can author static internet pages with HTMLand CSS, however, locate it tough or impossible to program chronic, interactive internet programs.
  • We show that for a vast class of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) applications, this Mavo can be bridged.
  • They need the simplest upload a few attributes and expressions to their HTML elements to convert their static layout right into a persistent, facts-pushed net application whose records can be edited with the aid of direct manipulation of the content material inside the browser.
  • A recent study evaluated Mavo with 20 customers who marked up Mavo as static designs, a few their personal introduction can transform them into absolutely useful net programs. Even customers not using a programming experience were able to quick craft Mavo packages
What are the benefits of Mavo?

1.It is Free and Open Source:

Monetization isn't always amongst priorities. Mavo is created to reach the goal that growing Web programs need to be less difficult than its far today

2.Easily Learnable:

Mavo’s core capability can be learned and experience it in a couple of minutes and is sufficient to create a full-size style of applications that manipulate, store, and rework small-scale statistics.

3.Highly Flexible:

This software is highly flexible and one can have the same design freedom and tools as a static web page. Mavo works together with your markup, no longer in opposition to it.


Mavo has been designed for extensibility. More Plugins from Mavo can alter nearly each aspect of its conduct and add new powerful capability.


Mavo apps are keyboard reachable and screen reader friendly out of the box.


Mavo uses familiar HTML-primarily based syntax and may be used even with the aid of people and not use a programming revel in. This isn't wishful questioning; it’s published peer-reviewed studies.


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